More on Papyrus Rolls…

These made-up papyrus rolls are common artifacts of the practice of 19th-century antiquities dealers, who rolled up fragments of genuine papyrus and wrapped them in strips of ancient cloth to form scrolls. This is evident by, among other things, the fact the the texts and images on the papyrus are turned to the outside of the roll; actual ancient papyrus scrolls generally turn the text and images inside the roll to further protect them.

[Richards, Janet E. and Terry G. Wilfong.1995. Preserving Eternity: Modern Goals, Ancient Intentions. Ann Arbor: Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, University of Michigan.]

The Art of the Fake: Egyptian Forgeries from the Kelsey Museum of Archeology

Exhibit Curators: Robin Meador-Woodruff, Terry Wilfong and Janet Richards
Exhibit Designer: Anne Noakes