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In 1992, Visiting Curator Edna R. Russman was able to determine that the piece [Head of a King] was similar to other works she has seen by this particular forger, namely in the facial resemblance between the sculptures in this group of fakes. Additionally, the details of the crown are incorrect, with the inclusion of the uraeus and a snake stretched along the center of the head. This combination of elements would not have occurred in a genuine work. Russman felt that the forgery was produced in the early 1920's, and that it was a very well executed forgery, perhaps assisting the forger in fooling experts for almost seventy years.

The Art of the Fake: Egyptian Forgeries from the Kelsey Museum of Archeology

Exhibit Curators: Robin Meador-Woodruff, Terry Wilfong and Janet Richards
Exhibit Designer: Anne Noakes