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Benefits of ipl2: Using ipl2 collections benefits you by providing links to more than 45,000 evaluated information resources on hundreds of topics. ipl2 contains vetted information and strives to be a safe site. Electing to seek help from ipl2's "Ask an ipl2 Librarian" service benefits you from the research provided to you by a mentored student or volunteer. Client identities are never shared and you can participate anonymously.

Risks in using ipl2: Some people may find information in ipl2 that does not fit their personal values for information that they would prefer not to know. Please see our Statement of Principles. This site contains links to other sites; the Internet Public Library is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of such web sites.

Please also note that some questions submitted to ipl2 may be rejected because they are out of scope (medical, legal) or above the daily quota (no volunteer staff available).

Further information: We use your IP address to diagnose problems with our server and to administer our web site. Your IP address may also be used to gather broad demographic information about our users.

Our reference question forms ask visitors for an e-mail address and demographic information (age range for children so we can respond with appropriate materials and some selected professions for adults). We use the e-mail address to respond to reference questions or other comments you send to our site. We may also forward your question (including your contact information) to an IPL partner when we lack the resources to answer it.

This site is experimental, which means it is used for research purposes in addition to providing a service for visitors. Any reference question you submit may be used for educational or research purposes as well as for demonstrations of our question management system. You will not be identified in the research because your name and identifying information, including your e-mail address, will be removed before being used for research and will not be supplied to any outside parties. If you DO NOT want your question included in our database, please do not submit a question. If you have previously submitted a question and would like it removed from consideration for research purposes, please contact ipl2.

When you pose a question, you agree to the following: I understand that the questions I pose and the answers I receive may be used for research by schools of information studies. I also know that I may decide not to pose a question if I do not want to. If I have questions, I can ask some one at the Institutional Review Board or Dr. Eileen G. Abels. I can stop at any time.

If you have any questions about the conditions of use of ipl2, please contact:

Institutional Review Board
Drexel University College of Medicine
Office of Research
245 N 15th St. Ms 444
Philadelphia, PA 19102-1101

If you have questions about the services provided by ipl2, please contact:

Michael Khoo and Denise Agosto
College of Information Science and Technology
Drexel University
3141 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19104-2875

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