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World Health Report     View
An annual report on human health around the world, including research on health risks, diseases, and disabilities. The full version is available in English and French, and an overview is available in these and several other languages. From the United ...

World Health Organization (WHO)     View
The site for this United Nations program provides information about current disease outbreaks, health programs, emergencies, profiles of health systems in member states, links to health topics and research tools, and publications. "WHO's objecti ...

World Health Organization: Health Economics     View
This site "provides links to descriptions of activities, reports, news and events, as well as contacts and cooperating partners in the various [World Health Organization] WHO programmes and offices working" on health economics. Find materia ...

World Health Organization: Sanitation     View
Collection of documents on sanitation topics, such as water quality, wastewater use, ship sanitation and health, wastes from health care activities, household water security, food safety and foodborne illness, and sanitation issues in specific region ...

World Health Organization: Zimbabwe     View
Background and updates about disease and other health topics in Zimbabwe. Provides situation reports and news about disease outbreaks and emergencies (such as cholera in 2008), statistics, and material about specific diseases and risk factors for the ...

Pan American Health Organization     View
PAHO, a multi-national agency that is part of the World Health Organization, lists details about member countries' offices, electronic copies of its publications -- including the Pan American Journal of Public Health -- and information about various ...

World Health Organization Statistical Information System     View
The WHOSIS Web site (WHO Statistical Information System) provides core health statistics and epidemiological data as well as information presently available in the World Health Organization. More than 70 indicators, along with their definitions, can ...

World Health Organization Mediacentre     View
Provides "access to all the latest news, press releases, fact sheets, and multimedia content from the WHO," updated daily.

World Health Organization: Tuberculosis (TB)     View
Background and updates about tuberculosis (TB), which is "primarily an illness of the respiratory system, and is spread by coughing and sneezing. Each year about 1.6 million people die from this curable disease." Provides data about TB in s ...

World Toilet Organization (WTO)     View
WTO "is a global non-profit organization committed to improving toilet and sanitation conditions worldwide." Its site features a description of its projects, events (such as World Toilet Day in November and the annual World Toilet Summit), ...



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