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Pumpkin Carving 101     View
Lots of information on this Halloween tradition, including history, selecting pumpkins to use as jack-o'-lanterns, tools, traditional carving and carving with stencils, lighting methods, extending the life of the pumpkin, photographing, burial, and c ...

Pumpkin Nook     View
This site contains everything you have ever wanted to know about pumpkins, including extensive information on how to grow, cook, and store pumpkins. Includes games and educational material as well as sections on Thanksgiving, Halloween, the history o ...

Giant Pumpkins: The World's Biggest Fruit     View
This site features detailed instructions for growing giant pumpkins, covering site selection, seed germination, fertilization, harvesting, and more. Includes diaries of pumpkin growers, records, festival and organization listings, and instructions fo ...

Local Harvest: Pumpkin Patches     View
Search this database of pumpkin farms and "u-pick" pumpkin patches by state, city, or zip code. Includes links to sites about pumpkin carving, cooking, giant pumpkins, Halloween, and more.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Templates     View
Tips and instructions for jack-o-lantern carving and pumpkin selection. Features material on how to carve a fancy pumpkin, paint a pumpkin, decorate a pumpkin with flowers or vegetables, and printable pumpkin carving patterns and monogram templates. ...

AgMRC: Pumpkins     View
Overview of the U.S. pumpkin market, with links to pumpkin farms, documents on pumpkin production, and other agricultural and industry resources. From the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC) at Iowa State University.

History of Pumpkin Pie     View
Background about the traditional Thanksgiving dish pumpkin pie. "Early American settlers of Plimoth Plantation (1620-1692) ... might have made pumpkin pies (of sorts) by making stewed pumpkins or by filling a hollowed out shell with milk, honey ...

Resources for Home Preserving Pumpkins     View
"Pumpkins offer far more than a door-stop at Halloween." This site provides ideas and safety tips for various methods of preserving pumpkin flesh and seeds, including canning, freezing, drying, and pickling. Features links to further inform ...

Pumpkins and More     View
Answers to many questions about this large squash. Learn about the many varieties, including nutritional value, facts and history, growing tips, and more. Includes a pumpkin farm locator (primarily for Illinois), recipes, and instructions for selecti ...

Commercial Production and Management of Pumpkins and Gourds     View
The "topics covered in this bulletin are all integral parts of a successful pumpkin/gourd management program." Covers characteristics of specific pumpkin, gourd, and vegetable sponge (luffa) species. Also includes line drawings of pumpkins ...



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