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Stanton and Anthony Papers Project     View
"The mission of this project is to find and copy all of the [Elizabeth Cady] Stanton and [Susan B.] Anthony papers that still survive — as manuscripts and printed texts — and make those primary sources available and useful for research ...

Living the Legacy: The Women's Rights Movement 1848 - 1998     View
Living the Legacy contains numerous articles about the history of the women's movement and current issues, a timeline, and list of relevant women's organizations. The website was created by the National Women's History Project, an educational nonpro ...

Working Women, 1870-1930     View
A digitized collection of manuscripts, books, pamphlets, photographs, and other print sources focusing on American women working from 1870 to 1930. Presented by Harvard Library's Open Collections Program.

Women of Protest: Photographs From the Records of the National Woman's Party     View
"This online presentation is a selection of 448 photographs from the approximately 2,650 photographs in the Records of the National Woman's Party collection, housed in the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress." The photographs, wh ...

Women Pioneers in American Memory     View
Learn about the pioneering women who helped make American history by settling the Western frontier, fighting for equal rights for all, and working at non-traditional jobs.

Not for Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony     View
This companion site to a PBS program explores the work of these suffragists. Find information for use in the classroom, articles and essays, historic documents including the "Declaration of Sentiments" from the Seneca Falls Convention, and ...

Woman Suffrage and the 19th Amendment     View
This is the place to learn about how women gained the right to vote in the United States.

Western New York Suffragists: Winning the Vote     View
Discover the origins of the American women's suffrage movement in the greater Rochester region of New York, home to Susan B. Anthony and other key activists. "The site is built around biographies of 35 suffragists from the region and contains di ...

The National Archives: Women     View
Annotated links to "historical websites relevant to women in the United States." Topics include African American women, bibliographies, biographies, politics and women, primary documents and images, women's suffrage, and women in the milita ...

National Women's History Museum (NWHM)     View
NMWH's site leads with an online exhibit that defines the "political culture and imagery of American woman suffrage." A timeline covering the period leading to the passage of the 19th amendment (1840-1919), images of icons and slogans, a bi ...




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