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Hire a Contractor: Swimming Pool Construction     View
This document features consumer guidance for finding a swimming pool contractor in California. Discusses California rules and provides general suggestions for selecting and hiring a contractor, writing a contract, scheduling payments, monitoring the ... Worldwide Swimming News     View
Published daily news stories of interest to those in the competitive swimming world. This site is run by the publisher of Swimnews Magazine and includes links to archived magazine publications.     View
The official U.S. synchronized swimming organization's site includes the fundamentals of movement in the sport, Olympic team selection procedures and profiles of athletes on the team, links to commercial sites, a list of clubs in the U.S., and an eve ...

Swimming in Picture Books     View
Website companion to a past physical exhibit featuring "illustrations that captured the sensations of being by or in the water. ... For this virtual version, there is more information about the stories and their illustrators of the sort you migh ...

United States Swimming     View
The site for the governing body for swimming in the United States provides details on USS regulation, tips on swimming technique and training, and stories and videos about the U.S. Olympic team.

Swimming Science Journal     View
"This journal is divided into four parts, the Swimming Science Abstracts, the Carlile Coaches' Forum, the Swimming Science Bulletin, and DRUGS: The Crisis in Swimming. The Swimming Science Abstracts is a compilation of research article abstracts invo ...

Swimming Pool Heating     View
This site outlines suggestions for improving the heating and energy efficiency of a swimming pool. It covers pool heaters (gas, heat pump, and solar), pool covers (bubble, vinyl, and insulated vinyl), water temperature management, and swimming pool p ...

International Swimming Hall of Fame     View
The International Swimming Hall of Fame's website lists and describes awards and honorees by award, by name, by country, or by year.

As Summer Begins, CPSC Warns About Drowning Dangers     View
Recommendations and tips from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to parents and caregivers about "several key steps that will help protect children from drowning hazards in pools and spas." Includes a video and links to fact ...

National Weather Service: Rip Current Safety     View
"Check this site for rip current overview, safety tips, forecasts, photos, headlines/saving lives, survivor stories, links, statistics, animation and glossary." Also includes information about the science behind this phenomenon that occurs ...




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