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The Cult of the Suicide Bomber     View
Brief companion to a 2005 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) program on suicide bombing. Topics include historical notes on suicide terror ("Suicide terror ... has a longer pedigree. Perpetrators include Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, ...

NIMH: Suicide Prevention     View
Compilation of background and news about suicide prevention topics, including statistics, recommendations to the media for reporting on suicide, documents on nationals efforts concerning suicide prevention, and booklets on topics such as depression a ...

The Kevorkian Verdict     View
Companion to a 1996 Public Broadcasting (PBS) Frontline documentary about doctor Jack Kevorkian, who advocates physician-assisted suicide and who was jailed for his actions. Includes a timelime, a summary and analysis of the legal rulings, interview ...

The Suicide Paradigm     View
This site was done by the father of a suicide victim: he shares his thoughts about suicide, victims and survivors. There are well developed sections on the ethics of suicide and resources for bereaved men as well as many links to related sites for ...

Kyuba no Michi: The Way of Horse and Bow     View
Devoted to the Samurai, "fighting warriors" who ruled Japan from the 1300s through the 1800s. Includes information on the origins of the samurai, the daimyo, shoguns, the code of bushido, women in samurai society, seppuku (ritual suicide), ...

Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC)     View
The website for this suicide prevention research organization provides information with a focus on science-based suicide prevention initiatives. Includes discussion of the public health approach to suicide prevention, a glossary, links to government ...

Suicide as Foreign Policy     View
Questions and answers about the history of suicide terrorism and suicide bombers. Topics include how terrorism has evolved, whether it is becoming more common, women as suicide terrorists, and more. From the Council on Foreign Relations.

Female Suicide Bombers: Dying to Kill     View
This December 2004 article reports on the increase in women suicide bombers in Russia's Chechnya region, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank in Israel, and other areas. Discusses possible motivations for women to become suicide bombers, impact on the women ...

Guardian UK: Assisted Suicide     View
News, background, and commentary about assisted suicide in the U.K. Provides coverage of the television screening of an assisted suicide (in December 2008), a FAQ on assisted suicide law in the U.K. and other countries, blog postings, and related mat ...

Golden Gate Bridge Physical Suicide Deterrent System Project     View
Website for the proposed suicide barrier for the Golden Gate Bridge. Features a project overview and project criteria, FAQ, the July 2008 Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and summary (which includes illustrated descriptions of barrier alternat ...



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