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International Congress on Islamic Feminism     View
The website for this conference held in Barcelona, Spain, features resources on Islamic feminism, "a Koran-centered reform movement by Muslim women ... in pursuit of women's advancement and in refutation of Western stereotypes and Islamist ortho ...

Beneath the Veil/Lifting the Veil     View
Companion to a 2001 British documentary "Beneath the Veil" and the 2002 update "Lifting the Veil" on women's lives in Afghanistan under the Taliban and "whether women's lives have improved since the fall of the Taliban. ...

Breaking the Veils: Women Artists From the Islamic World     View
Companion to a 2008-2009 exhibit of "a carefully selected, extraordinary collection of works by [51] women artists who live in Islamic countries as diverse as Indonesia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The exhibit contains work by established wo ...

Islam and Islamic Studies Resources for Studying Islam and the Diverse Perspectives of Muslims     View
A collection of annotated sites on "the study of Islam, Qur'an, hadith, the Sunnah, Shi'ism and Heterodox Movements Sufism, Islam in the modern world, militant Islam, jihad, Islamist or extremist Muslims, and terrorism, Islam in Iraq, Muslim wom ...

CIMEL and INTERIGHTS: "Honour" Crimes Project     View
This project "focuses on forced marriage along with other manifestations of 'honour' crimes such as 'honour' killings." The site features articles, a directory of initiatives to address honor crimes throughout the world, a bibliography, and ...

Women's Rights and Democracy in the Arab World     View
This paper reviews the political and educational rights of Arab women, family law, and the impact of women's rights and democracy in the Arab world. Provides an overview of issues facing Arab women, and notes progress and pitfalls the United States f ...

Women's Learning Partnership (WLP) for Rights, Development, and Peace: Resources     View
Bibliographies, statistics, and other resources on international women's issues. Some of the topics covered include women and leadership, women's human rights, violence against women, and technology for women's empowerment. Provides a list of ...


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