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The World Wide Online Meditation Center     View
This site contains general information on meditation, core meditations on relaxation and stress reduction, and healing meditations using color healing meditation, energy healing meditation, etc. It also provides many links to other meditation-related ...

Online Papers on Consciousness     View
"This is a directory of 4633 online papers on consciousness and related topics. ... Most papers are by academic philosophers or scientists."

Epicurus & Epicurean Philosophy     View
A comprehensive survey of Epicurus and Epicurean philosophy, including ancient texts, history, background on Greece and philosophy before, during, and after Epicurus, bibliography, related links, and e-mail discussion group.

Alan Watts     View
"Editor, Anglican priest, graduate dean, broadcaster, author, lecturer, and entertainer," Alan Watts spent more than 40 years interpreting Eastern philosophies for the Western world. See The Essential Alan Watts for quotes and the Alan Watt ...

Descartes' Life and Works     View
Overview of the life and works of René Descartes, who "has been heralded as the first modern philosopher." Includes links to other articles about Descartes' theories, such as his theory of ideas and modal metaphysics. Part of the Stanf ...

Manifesto of Surrealism     View
A digital version of Andre Breton's "First Surrealist Manifesto."

Chomsky.Info: The Official Noam Chomsky Website     View
The most comprehensive site available on Noam Chomsky, MIT professor and influential political activist. The site contains numerous articles by Chomsky, critical essays on Chomsky's work, interviews, letters, and biographies, as well as many audio a ...

The Spinoza Study     View
This site includes indexed versions with hypertext of the following works of Benedict de Spinoza: "The Ethics, Demonstrated in Geometrical Order," "On the Improvement of the Understanding," and "The Theological-Political Treatise, Correspondence." A ...

Philosophical Humor     View
Humorous tidbits for the light-hearted philosopher.

Thomas Instituut te Utrecht: Thomas Aquinas     View
A large selection of texts by Thomas Aquinas. Most texts are either in the original Latin or translated into English. A few French translations are available.



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