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Backgrounds and Wallpaper     View
Find some cool original backgrounds here. Includes such themes as "Children's," "Animal," "Holiday," "Plants/Flowers," and "Ocean."

Research-based Web Guidelines     View
This site provides over 50 of the top Web design and usability guidelines based on research studies and supporting information from the field. Each guideline provides: A brief statement of the overarching principle that is the foundation of the guide ...

Web Wonk: Tips for Writers and Designers     View
This site explains different techniques to produce a well-designed Website. Topics discussed include typography, using white space well, and using images. The author also goes provides information on how to set up your Web browser "ergonomically", ...

Raymond Loewy: Designs for a Consumer Culture     View
Companion to an exhibit on Raymond Loewy (1893-1986), "the most prominent industrial designer of the twentieth century. He blended traditional styles with streamlining and European modernism, while satisfying Americans' taste for comfort and con ...

Lissa Explains It All     View
Let Lissa teach you about web design! This site started when Lissa was 11, and is now featured on CNN Science and Technology and Headline News. Learn to make your own web page and then add cool extra like .htaccess files and installing perl scripts ...

Smithsonian Guidelines for Accessible Exhibition Design     View
This site is an online document about accessible exhibition design.

Graphic Design Employment, Advice, Resources & Training     View
Includes graphic design employment advice, how-to articles on preparing images correctly for print, setting up documents in InDesign and Quark, artwork press-preparation, best practices and general workflow, links to other graphic design sites, and m ...

Origins     View
"Features scholarly and popular resources concerning intelligent design and philosophical theism." Topics include intelligent design; creationism; theism; atheism; and Darwinism & evolution.

Rococo: The Continuing Curve, 1730-2008     View
Companion website to this 2008 exhibit about the "stylistic movement known as rococo, which began in eighteenth-century France, [and] has infused design objects with a sinuous, organic, and sensuous impulse for three centuries." Browse imag ...

Desktop Publishing Software Reviews and Prices     View
"Desktop publishing is a multifaceted process that involves sizing and editing photos and graphics, composing page layouts and manipulating different styles of text. The software that helps you accomplish these tasks may be purchased either sepa ...



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