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Arab spring: an interactive timeline of Middle East protests     View
Angry citizens in Tunisia, Egypt, and other parts of the Middle East rose up in protest in 2011. This website traces those events with an interactive timeline.

The Salt March     View
This site was established to commemorate the 75th anniversary (in 2005) of the 1930 Salt March in which Mohandas K. Gandhi and marchers walked 241 miles in 24 days to a place to make salt to protest against the British salt tax in Colonial India. Fea ...

Million Man March     View
Small collection of photos from an October 16, 1995, event in which "African-American men from across the country gathered on Washington's National Mall ... for a massive Million Man March advocating 'unity, atonement and brotherhood.'... Organi ...

Paris, May '68: Icôns de la Révolution/Icons of the Revolution     View
Images of approximately twenty posters from the student protests and related strikes in France in the spring of 1968. Includes translations of poster text. From the Victoria University Library, University of Toronto.

A Chronology of "May '68"     View
Principal dates and events related to the student protests in France in May 1968, during which Sorbonne students were involved in riots in the Latin Quarter in Paris, and which included strikes throughout France. From Metropole Paris, "a weekly ...

Q & A: French Labor Law Row     View
Background about the cause of the March 2006 student protests in France. The article explains that the students demonstrated against "the law creating the First Employment Contract (Contrat Premiere Embauche or CPE) ... which will come into effe ...

Anger in Egypt - Al Jazeera English     View
Arabic news channel Al Jazeera's English language coverage of the protests in Egypt. The page includes videos and print articles of news and commentary on the current situation.

Egypt News??? The Protests     View
This resource is an aggregate page of all of the New York Times coverage of the protests in Egypt since Jan. 25, 2011. Resource includes a detailed time line of the events, interactive maps, slide shows, and all print articles relating to the protes ...

CIA - The World Factbook: Egypt     View
The CIA has created pages for the countries of the world. This resource is their Egypt page. It includes information about the country's demographics, government, economy, and geography.

BBC News - Egypt Unrest     View
This resource is a collection of the BBC's coverage of the situation in Egypt. Includes print articles, profiles of Egyptian government leaders, eyewitness accounts, interactive maps and video reports.



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