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American Historical Association: Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct     View
This document "addresses dilemmas and concerns about the practice of history that historians have regularly brought to the American Historical Association seeking guidance and counsel." Topics include shared values (such as honoring the his ...

Codes of Ethics Collections     View
A searchable and browsable collection of hundreds of codes of ethics of professional organizations, corporations, governments, and academic institutions. Indexed by categories such as agriculture, animal breeding, arts, computing, construction, educa ...

AICPA     View
AICPA stands for American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The site includes career information, fraud studies and deterrence measures, audit standards, professional ethics, information and links about the certified public accountant (CPA) ...

Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Research     View
Extensive collection of resources geared towards engineers and scientists that address some of the ethical dilemmas they might face as professionals. Includes links to case studies, reference materials, literature, and discussion groups.

Ethics Codes and Beyond: Can You Improve Your Code of Ethics?     View
"Here's a cookbook of the ingredients of codes currently used by 33 papers." Offers excerpts from various newspapers' codes of ethics, organized by topics such as public relations, conflicts of interest, and the Internet. A listing of ethic ...

The Ethical Researcher: Goals of an Ethics Policy     View
This site presents academic integrity and plagiarism policies for educational institutions, and a collection of links to material about honor codes. Topics include the principles underlying the policy, what responsibilities are required, and the rela ...

GoodWork Project     View
This project "researches how leading professionals carry out work that is of high quality and socially responsible." The site features articles and research papers on themes such as "good work" in business, education, journalism, ...

Business Ethics     View
This browsable, well-maintained directory of resources related to business ethics includes articles, publications, case studies, corporate codes of ethics, professional organizations and associations, and more. From librarian Sharon Stoerger of the U ...

A Bloggers' Code of Ethics     View
Model for a code of ethics for bloggers, adapted from the code of ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists. From the blog of the American Press Institute's nonprofit think tank, The Media Center.

Boone and Crockett Club     View
Founded by Theodore Roosevelt, this organization aims "to promote the guardianship and provident management of big game ... and maintain the highest standards of fair chase and sportsmanship in all aspects of big game hunting." The site fea ...



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